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The Ultimate Goal is to Make Life Easier

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How It Works

At The Perfect Rx, we believe everyone is unique. That’s why our clinicians create personal care plans that will give you the tools to overcome mental health issues and stay well for life. If you or a loved one needs access to professional mental health care, then call The Perfect Rx at today! We offer both in-person and telehealth appointments and accept most insurance plans.

No Problem Is Too Small

We believe in keeping our community healthy, which is why we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients with innovative services. Book an appointment today and find out more about our services

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Depressive Disorders

The spectrum of depressive disorders is deep and encompassing, causing suffering for many. All are characterized by the same feelings of intense sadness, emptiness, and irritability, along with an array of physical and cognitive symptoms. The various conditions differ in duration, timing, and causes; but all share commonalities like difficulty being motivated, rejection of previously enjoyable activities, sleep disruption, and a severe decrease in focus. Major depressive disorder is one of these grave illnesses; marked by an almost crippling loss of interest in activities and feelings of profound despair that irrevocably impairs functioning.

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Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is characterized by fear, worry, and sustained mental focus on potential dangers. Fear involves an emotional response to a threat, whether that threat is real or perceived. Anxiety involves the anticipation that a future threat may arise. The effects of anxiety can be so subtle that they are often unnoticeable.


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Bipolar is characterized by the highs and lows of moods, activity levels, and energy levels. At times the person feels nothing but elation. Manic periods are often marked by over-spending or over-talking or the feeling that nothing can stop them. Depression is common as well, with a heavy feeling of sadness that lasts for long periods of time. Some experience symptoms in one polarity only; others alternate between both extremes.

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