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The Perfect Prescription knows that mental health arrives in all different forms and can affect anyone regardless of their background. We are here to help you uncover the answers to whatever difficulties you face, whether they stem from a diagnosed illness or unrecognized symptoms. Our team is determined to provide comprehensive care and be your guiding light as you work towards finding a solution for success. Look no further: we are committed to helping people just like you identify their unique Perfect Prescription for fulfillment - explore our list of commonly treated conditions below.

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Client Testimonial


"Dr. O is exactly as the reviews all say. Phenomenal. She’s quick to listen, she’s passionate and she truly cares about her patients. Definitely at least about me! I can only imagine every last patient receives the same care and attention as I did. She wants you to have the medical support necessary for your quality of life but she also wants you to put in the work to mentally heal as well. The wounds we all carry around are heavy and she definitely has found a way to make me feel safe and supported while embarking on this journey.

I am also a trans patient. She is friendly, welcoming and validating to my identity. She wants you to feel supported in more ways than just medicinally and that is the best. She’s unique! Don’t let her availability pass you by. "

Kolby L.

Google Review 

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