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The PPrX PRO Sweat Band with Nano-Silver and Pocket - Women
  • The PPrX PRO Sweat Band with Nano-Silver and Pocket - Women

    In a time where life has been altered and push through a whirlwind of changes during the COVID-19 global pandemic, The PPrX PRO Sweat Band has a few changes as well, but we think you are going to love them.


    The PPrX PRO Sweat Band still has all the same qualities:

    • Solid Structure
    • Extra Strong Durability 
    • Tough Velcro attachment that locks you in for your entire workout 
    • Helps to increase your core temperature, which assists in fat loss 
    • Aids in expelling  unwanted water weight in those hard to treat areas


    We just gave it a couple of upgrades:


    The NEW PPrX PRO Sweat Band is now lined with Nano-Silver ions. Nano-Silver is known for its powerful antimicrobial property and used in many things from ornaments and utensils to medical equipment and devices. You can now workout in peace knowing that the PPrX has your back..and front...and both of your sides while we continue to fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic. 


    The PPrX PRO Sweat Band also has an accessible pocket that is useful for holding items such as:

    • Cell phones (with or without most cases)
    • Keys
    • Wallet,
    • Mask and more!

    You never have to lose or drop your items on the floor again!


    Note: There may be slight variations in colors due to lighting effect during photo taking or the technology you may be using to view the item.



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