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40 Days / 40 Nights

Christian Based Healing Retreat 

Escape into the Wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

  • Healing Mental Health disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, pain, eating disorder, PTSD, and more

  • 1 on 1 Therapy

  • Focused Group Therapy

  • Lifestyle Changes

  • Mobility Training

  • Healing through Scripture 

  • Praise & Worship

  • Serving the Community

  • Learn Holistic Approaches

  • Healing and Deliverance

  • Private Chef

We believe that Jesus was declaring that he was coming to heal all those who are broken which is all of us. This is not just physical healing but also emotional healing. Healing of those broken places of our hearts and only He can heal. It was followed by his declaration to set the captive free. We believe that healing and freedom (what some call deliverance) are connected as Jesus was showing us throughout the Gospels.

Healing and deliverance prayer ministry is available to those who are experiencing demonic attack and oppression

A Non-Profit Healing Home 

Led by The Holy Spirit 

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